Bet you can't guess what we sell ?   Yes mica sheets or isinglass panels.
Antique cooking range with mica panels.
Antique Column stove with isinglass windows.
Antique Cylinder stove with isinglass in the doors.
Antique round base burner stove with mica sheets in the door.
Antique palor stove with mica windows.
Antique wood cook stove with mica windows.
Mica sheets for wood and coal stoves.

We supply mica sheets or isinglass as it's sometimes known, all around the world.
Our mica is sourced from only the best mining areas, and graded for quality,  therefore our stove mica is clear and as uniform as a natural product can be.

Because we trade in the Dollar and the G.B. Pound and can swap back and forth, we can can keep our quality high and prices low! 

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A Hunter poppy stove with new mica panels.

A Hunter poppy stove with new mica panels.

We supply mica sheets or isinglass panels for:

Wood Burning coal Burning and kerosene stoves: Base Burners, Cylinder Stoves, Parlor Stoves, Column Stoves, Pot Belly Stoves, Todd Stove and some styles of Box Stoves, Cook Stoves and Kitchen Ranges.

Some of the stoves or foundry names:


Round Oak, Art Andes coal burning stove, Fair Ringgold Base Burner Stove, Favorite Base Burner Stove, Rossmore Jr, Gold Coin,  Art Garland,
Thorne Windsor by Lakeside Foundry,  Thomas White Stove Company' Grand Leader, Peninsular Base Burner Stove, New Superb,
Invader Made by Union Stove Works, New York, Fifth Avenue by Fuller in Troy, NY, Grove Andes Geneva, NY, Radiant Acorn, Florence,
Laurel cylinder by the Art Stove Company Detroit Michigan,  Superior Air Tight Hicks & Wolfe, Troy NY, W H Landers,
Wehrle Base Burner Stove, Licking Stove Works, Priscilla Eclipse, W.W. Sutphin New Jersey, Champion built in New Hampshire, Ideal Clarion,
Newport  made in Albany New York, New Clarion made in Bangor Maine, Glenwood Oak cylinder stove manufactured Weir Stove Co.
Acme Ventiduct antique cylinder stove by Geneva Andes, Ideal Clarion, Sherman S. Jewett, Buffalo, NY, Hub Heater, Boston,
Fuller & Warren manufactured in Troy / Albany  NY, Home Welcome, built in Syracuse, New York, White Warner Stove Company Taunton, Mass,
Orient  Parlor Stove By Ingram & Phillips, The Quad Special Parlor Stove, Barstow coal recirculator, The Oak Garland Parlor Stove or Todd Stove,
The Universal Parlor Stove, manufactured in Troy NY, T & P Albany, Laurel cylinder by the Art Stove Company Detroit Michigan, Oakwood, Noyes & Nutter.

Esse, Dragon Mk.I  and  Mk.II
Smith and Wellstood 'The Columbian Stove Works'
Hunter Poppy based in mid Devon, U.K.
Rayburn No.1 and Panda

Godin, Petit Godin, Delta, Deville, Chappee, Coste Cau Martin, Arthur Martin, Sphinx, Montherme, Deville Monopole, Millefeux and Oasis, Samary,
E Chaboche of Paris, Nanquette Art Moderne, De Dietrich, Audemar Guyon, Faure Finland, Mirus, Sougland, Coste, Briffault, Rosieres Comita,
Caloria Empire State, Faure, SDF, Pied Selle, St Nicolas, F&A Rhone, Briffault Modia, Ciney, Le Caloric, Sougland, LFB, Famse, Ceve, Surdiac.

Rasmussen Foundry based in Odense, Godthaab Foundry of Copenhagen, Capricorn Denmark

The main source of heating In Japan is the kerosene stove, lots of the old kerosene heaters are still produced under license and they also produce new modern kerosene stoves that still use mica for the viewing window.

Kero-Sun Omni 105 (O-105), Envirotemp, Toyoset, Toyostove, Kero-World, Corona, DuraHeat, Dyna-Glo, Envirotemp, Aladdin Blue Flame.
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